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Some of the Many Responses of Women living with HIV

Women living with HIV around the world are responding with resilience, power, compassion and determination to the news of an HIV diagnosis.
Here we provide a list of some key resources produced by some of these many women. Please share your own links with us to add to this page.


 Dawn Averitt  &      Shalini Eddens    

 USA  The Well Project  Website resource for women with HIV, international
 Lydia Mungherera

 Uganda  Mama's Club  Psycho-social support group for young women
with HIV, Uganda 
 Silvia Petretti  Italy  PozFemUK  Self-help support group for women with HIV, UK

 Angelina Namiba

 UK  Positively UK  From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond - peer-support  
for women with HIV wanting a baby
 Sophie Dilmitis  Zimbabwe    Freelance consultant  Workshop for women with HIV

 Adrienne Seed  UK  Freelance  Blog

 SHE programme
 Europe  Funded by BMS
 Website and toolkit for peer-led workshops by and
 for women with HIV, Europe-wide

 Silvia Petretti
 UK  Positively UK

 Susan Paxton


 Funded by UNWomen

 "Diamonds" - a film about women living with HIV
 in the region

 Susan Paxton  Asia-Pacific  APN +  "HIV Positive and Pregnant: How Dare You?" Reproductive and Maternal Health
issues faced by women with HIV in this region

 ICW East Africa
East and
ICW E Africa
Report on Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal Health and Rights, Advocacy Meeting and Policy Forum, 2011
 Health Network
Namibian Women's Health Network
"I was afraid that people might read it from my face":Information and women's testimonies about abortion in Namibia
ICW Malawi
ICW Malawi
Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion: Experiences of Women in Malawi